"I have spent my life chasing stories to tell when I'm old."
My name is Maxime Beerkens. Growing up as a kid, I discovered my creativity and realized this suited me better than being a book wurm. I think that's why photos are my way of writing. When I picked up my first camera right after my 15th birthday, I rapidly fell head over heels in love with it. A few years later I lived in Florence to study Photography. There I realized that photography would be dream job. It allows me to show people how I see the world through my lens. My Inspiration comes from nature, traveling and most important: all these stories I get to hear and see day in day out. All captured with an artistic eye.

Since then, I have been photographing fulltime and got to see so many amazing people and places. It makes me happy to travel witness the most beautiful events. as photography has become my job. The timelessness of pictures and their quality are one of my main focus points. I make sure I don't miss anything.That's why I give it my all during wedding days and other assignments. Telling stories is what I'm all about. I am passionate about authentic, sincere storytelling with a relaxed feel that contain all important details. I want you to remember your day exactly how it felt! 

Take a good look around, I hope you find what you are looking for!  ​​​​​​
I am based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. No worries if you need me out of town, I love to travel , so I'll photograph wherever you are!  

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